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Fun and entertaining midwifery notes for "Breathe and Blow Life"

The following midwifery regulations were part of the Isei of 1874:

First: The sanba must be more than 40 years old and knowledgeable in general anatomy, physiology and pathology of women and children. Students who have acquired certificates from obstetricians or gynecologists under whom they apprenticed (after having performed two normal labors in front of the doctors) are examined and certified to practice midwifery.

Second: Midwives should not treat women if they are handed to obstetricians or physician. However they should carry out their practice by themselves when it is so emergent that doctors do not have sufficient time to come on time. Also midwives are forbidden to use obstetrical instruments. If it is the case, the midwives should report to the office of medical affairs according to the provisional 49 of the rule.

Third: The midwives are forbidden to deal with drugs.

So my potential midwives are pretty much all going to be female and in their forties, with at least some medical training and a past history of successful childbirths. No

Concept prior to sanba was toriageba. Essentially women -- stereotyped as old, drunk, and unclean -- who secluded the mother and handled this awful, messy, horrible thing in private. Someone raised in a pre-1868 culture (Okina, possibly Aoshi?) may still mentally tar the sanba with the reputation of the toriageba.