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Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Tennessee, United States of America

Female twenty-something with a serious love-on for grammar. Disaffected post-collegiate youth. Militant feminist, militant agnostic. Synesthete (Ordininal Lingual Personification). Algernon C. Swinburne fan. Blatant video game addict. Troper (specifically a Hedge Trimmer).

In the end, just another nerd on the internet.

Author of fanfiction. Available here and (for those allergic to the Pit of Voles or seeking the NC-17 stuff) here. The interesting bits are mirrored on the writing journal: [community profile] terzarima

Johari window is here. Nohari window is here.

Interests (112):

a song for arbonne, a song of ice and fire, agnosticism, algernon charles swinburne, alucard, alucard/integra, aoshi's general lolarity, aoshi's lolarious gene, aoshi/misao, ashe/basch, ashley riot, ashley/callo, aurikku, auron, auron/rikku, balthier, balthier/fran, basch, bdsm, bic runga, bioware, callo merlose, cat tales, cid highwind, daenerys targaryen, daily redefining awesome, dragon age, drinking my goddamn tea, fanfiction, fang/vanille, fantasy, female shepard, feminism, femslash, ff10, ff12, ff7, ff8, ffxiii, fran, fran/balthier, garbage, grrm, hyuuga hizashi, hyuuga neji, ifrit, ifrit/shiva, j. r. r. tolkien, jeff buckley, kate bush, kunai, languages, liesseut of vezet, makimachi misao, mass effect, merlose, mind control, misandry, misao/aoshi, muses, nejiten, nobuo uematsu, oerba dia vanille, oerba yun fang, oranges, princess mint, quistis trepe, rad fem, reading, rikku, rin/sesshoumaru, riot/merlose, romany, rue/mint, rurouni kenshin, saruman boob cannon, scoped and dropped!, seiji/nasuti, shinomori aoshi, shiva, sky high, squall leonhart, tenten, that's how it's done, the colour grey, the decadents, the naturalist merlose, the pit of voles, the sea, threads of fate, tieger, tieger/neesa, vagrant story, video games, vincent valentine, vincent/yuffie, violence, warren/layla, weasel-kicking imperialists, white flowers, wing-tip chairs, words, writing, writing well, yoroiden samurai troopers, yuffentine, yuffie, yuffie kisaragi, yuffie/shalua, yuffie/tifa, zell dincht, zimmy/gamma

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