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Only a month late this year. Whoops.

2011 in review.

The List
Avengers\seven conversations about one thing
Dark Knight Rises\all the old familiar places (that this heart of mine embraces)
Dark Knight Rises\Have Faith Or Pandemonium
Dark Knight Rises\like it's got some disease
Dark Knight Rises\Whipped
Final Fantasy VII\Chasing Down The Echoes (of the things we never said)
Dragon Age\Dinner Theatre
GLTAS\The Storm Did Call Me To Its Side
GLTAS\Trouble's Weight In Gold
GLTAS\we were once young and blessed with wings
Korra\The Mountain Glen I'll Seek At Morning Early
mass effect\where the eye persists in seeeing
mass effect\if you've got your systems i'll tear down these walls
ThunderCats 2011\Queens Ascendant
Young Justice\so the world will never find you

Favorite(s) of the batch:

"all the old familiar places," "like it's got some disease," "The Storm Did Call Me To Its Side," "where the eye persists in seeing." That love affair with pain and tragedy: I'm still having it. At this point, I'd say we're in a long-term relationship and not some lust-fuelled fling.

Best of the batch:

Fuck, I don't know. "where the eye persists in seeing" is, IMO, an excellent House of Leaves fusion; "so the world will never find you" is apparently an excellent characterization of a not-entirely-evil Cheshire, and I personally love "like it's got some disease" because Issues.

Most underappreciated by the universe:

"we were once young and blessed with wings." IIRC [personal profile] leviathanmirror hates it, so it's probably terrible and that's why it's been so thoroughly ignored.

For something good that I feel hasn't received the adulation it deserves, "Chasing Down the Echoes." Over which I slaved and agonized and freaked out about and overanalyzed and.... nothing. No response. If a femslash fic shits in a forest, do the trees notice?

Most fun to write

"so the world will never find you" and "all the old familiar places." Jade's inner monologue is just the snarkiest, most fun shit to write short of, oh, writing Zevran (and frankly she probably channels a lot of my Zev voice).

And for all that "familiar places" is like Gotham + OMG PAAAAAINNN, the remembrances and interludes were all really fun to write. I do love consequences, and this fic was, like, consequence porn. So delicious I could just shove that entire concept in my mouth again and suck on it.

Sexiest fic:

Not so much with the sex this year. Again. For a godawfully hurty 'forced teenaged prostitution' fic (blame the kinkmeme), I'd like to think "like it's got some disease" is pretty hot. In an exploitative, painful way.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic:

"like it's got some disease." Because, yet again: Forced. Teenaged. Prostitution.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

I don't tend to have revelations about characters while in the middle of a fanfic. Usually my fic comes out of a sudden shift or out of the sense that goddamn, I view these characters totally differently from anybody else.

A lot of people see John Blake as a Dick analogue; I see him as Jason, and that's why I wrote "Have Faith Or Pandemonium."

"Chasing Down The Echoes" manages to make Cloud a total douche without him ever appearing or being particularly antagonistic?

Hardest fic to write:

They've all been hard in some way or another. "seven conversations," maybe.

Biggest disappointment:

"Dinner Theatre." I can do better, and damn well should.

Biggest surprise:

I can't say I did anything all that surprising.

Most telling fic:

I'm not sure. I don't think I showed much of my id this year. "where the eye persists in seeing" is a really personal story, in a way -- it's super contingent on my interpretation of House of Leaves and features a lot of sections where I talk to the reader.

Year-end squee:

Yet again, nothing squee-worthy.

What's next:

Finishing "These Cuts" and goddamn Gifts & Treasures. Goddamn, motherfucking Gifts & Treasures.