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(12:00:32 AM) [personal profile] nagia: How is forbidding a woman from terminating that pregnancy not a punishment to her for getting herself raped?
(12:02:34 AM) Brian: Because we support her through it. You show me where she is and I will do what I can. In the case that her life is in danger, I will personally, though reluctantly, support an abortion. Children are people, not punishments no matter how they were conceived.
(12:02:45 AM) [personal profile] nagia: ....right.
(12:03:00 AM) [personal profile] nagia: If I am ever impregnanted after a sexual assault, I will make sure never to tell you.
(12:03:10 AM) [personal profile] nagia: Because "being supported" does not make it "magically emotionally okay"
(12:03:34 AM) [personal profile] nagia: And I want to throw up that you think it could.
(12:04:19 AM) Brian: I didn't say that makes all the problems go away, but neither does having an aborthion.

I have informed him that I literally cannot speak to him for three months. I will need at least that long to cool down.

And now I feel sick to my stomach. Being supported makes it okay somehow? Seriously? WHAT LOGIC IS THAT EVEN.
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I just... oh my god.

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oh well... that's totally gross

"children are not a punishment" right. Ah huh. So who is paying for them, raising them, caring for them, and doing all that hard stuff with them again?
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so he lives in a fantasy world AND doesn't respect someone's emotional trauma and recovery. That's really super. :(
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This is part of the problem the anti-choice people have: they live in a dream world where as long as the unborn are saved nothing bad ever happens. And while they're willing to see bad things happen to people who have sex, they don't know how to deal with bad things happening to people even they consider "innocent." So they pretend it's impossible (the recent congressional candidate) or that "oh well, it's not that bad."

They incapable of saying "If abortion were illegal in case of rape it would actually be terrible for rape victims." I'm not saying I'd respect them if they said it but at least they'd be admitting the truth.
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Totally agree with the above sentiment. Anti-choice people aren't pro-children - They're just anti-women.
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that's. really all I have.