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I'm on chapter five of seven outlined, and I am getting closer and closer to wordcount. The "doll" has been introduced, and so have Kore and The Book. Took a break for a few days, then sat down and pounded out 1,400 words in one sitting. I'm going to shoot for more.

Thank bog I have a few days off so I can work on this baby. (I am, possibly hilariously, staring at chapter five going "What now?")

In other news, started writing a CM casefic in the moments I can spare from G&T. Setting it in my hometown, basically because I can and because it's the only place I know well enough to set a murder mystery in. Working title is "Tell Her That I'll Never Roam," and if you ever see me bitching about "the Glenn Miller fic" or "the Chattanooga Choo Choo fic," this is the one I'm talking about.

It's going to be set in a timeline of three fics exploring exactly why JJ took the stalker case in "The Crossing" so personally. (And, frankly, "She's pregnant!" did not explain it to me.) I have no idea if exactly what happened (and when, and why, and how persistent the emotional reaction is) will come out in "Tell Her That I'll Never Roam," but it's possible. I'm leaning toward "won't," however, or "won't be stated to other characters (though the observant ones may suss it out)".

And for RK, I've also started looking harder at "Untold Oceans," which will never be posted and is even squickier and more fucked up than "Hard Times," in fits and starts. There's actually not a water motif running throughout this one (unlike, oh, every other fic I've ever written). Title's a variant on "10,000 Oceans."

"Catch Me" is being quiet. Which is probably a good thing, considering how my brain wants to make absolutely everything (including G&T, though I'm resisting mightily) into a squickfest. I'm writing/plotting enough squicky things in the RK fandom right now. Don't need to go adding to the list.
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Quick notes: So far I've decided that this chapter needs to be non-chronological, since the bulk of the narrative is actually Misao telling Aoshi, and it doesn't feel right for her to talk about it in order. Bits of it are incomplete, and I'm not 100% sure I've got it all in the right order.

Warnings: sexual assault of a minor, violence, misogynistic attitudes (some period-appropriate, some unique).

three: but where at last the sea's line is the sky's )

WARNING misogynistic attitudes ahoy )

feel free to check my violence )
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The single image -- as in still frame -- in RuroKen that breaks my heart the most, every single time, is the shot of Misao chasing Kenshin, while Aoshi moves through the crowd a heartbeat away.

And then Kaoru moves toward Misao, only a heartbeat away from Kenshin.

And they never see the people their hearts are set on.

It feels like a thematic statement. And even though I know Watsuki would never have seen it as such, it feels like some sort of microcosmic metaphor for life itself. It feels like I should probably go the hell to bed and stop waxing philosophical. Or maybe I should just stop reading House of Leaves
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New Rurouni Kenshin anime greenlit AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhh

Okay seriously guys should I be terrified of this fuckery, excited, or both? What are the odds we will finally get Jinchuu Arc animated? MUST KNOW! MUST FIND OUT! MUST KNOW! MUST FIND OUT!

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(7:52:54 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Not even Steve Irwin carries the appropriate antivenin for wild ninja bites.
(7:53:22 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: They aren't native to Australia, you know.
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(06:07:10 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Well, now I have a name for the bastard.
(06:07:23 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Tadashi.
(06:07:53 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: What's it mean?
(06:08:50 PM) [personal profile] nagia: "loyal"/"true"
(06:09:05 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: *amused*
(06:10:17 PM) [personal profile] nagia: ?
(06:15:51 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Just seems like an odd name for him.
(06:19:08 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Although I suppose most parents don't name their kids "Rapey McRaperson."

Context, for the weak:

I've been re-reading a lot of Western Ink's RK fic, because I've been wobbly emotionally and clearly Aoshi/Misao is the delicious pie to make me less wobbly, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

All but two fics of hers have an Aoshi who is squicktastic (one's a silly piece of fluff with a faintly unnerving ownership undercurrent I choose to ignore; the other leaves Aoshi in crazypants mode and just extrapolates on possible WRONGWRONGWRONG scenarios from there -- so it's deliberate). In one of the fucked-up squicky fics, Aoshi apparently has not thought of Misao "bodily" until she mentioned scars, and did not think of Misao sexually until she mentioned a scar on the inside of her thigh. Which she later confessed she'd received in an attempted rape.

Does this disturb you yet? No?

It gets better: it's only after Misao has revealed that she was attacked and almost forcibly penetrated that Aoshi begins to think of her as available. Now that she's, direct quote from the fic, "stained."

Say it with me: "WHAT."

From a fandom perspective: Let's go into all of the ways this idea is fail: 1. STAINED IS JUST FAIL, 2. AOSHI WOULD KNOW THAT BECAUSE 3. HE'S THE LEADER OF A NINJA GROUP THAT 4. CONTAINS WOMEN. The odds of him NOT knowing a woman who had been assaulted (never mind men who had been assaulted, never mind the fairly high probability he's been assaulted himself) is staggeringly LOW.

Okay, fine, if that's just the way the character thinks and he has Meiji Restoration morals, then I expect the author to hint at this. There needs to be some kind of dividing line between author/narrator. I don't want to see this character think something so reprehensible, and then get everything he wants or asks for, get to force a marriage to a younger female character he's only recently decided was available, and... consequence free.


So I've been writing a what-could-have-been. Not just a faintly new spin on canon, but a "where 'Daughter Figure,' could have gone." Sort of a cross between a remix and a response fic, I guess.

More AIM logs of hilarity:

(following a discussion of what might happen if Misao were turned into an actual weasel:)

(10:10:34 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Okina would be forced to insist that Aoshi marry Misao.
(10:10:52 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: His behavior was totally inappropriate for a man and unmarried weasel.
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07. ?????? / sashimukau kokoro / the heart facing mine

The heart facing mine is a clear reflecting pool
--Hijikata Toshizou

WHAT. Why did I not recognize that name back when I was still doing the 31_days challenge regularly? AUUUUUUUUUGH.

/files this little snippet away for an RK ficlet someday.
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For anyone who was wondering just what the hell is up with "Catch Me"--which, let's face it, was maybe [personal profile] leviathanmirror since she's the only person I've discussed the project with--I have finally completed the Kenshin-Sano-Hyottoko-Beshimi-surprise!Hannya fight in chapter four.

That means it's time to start plotting the denouement (which, lolariously, is on the outline exactly like so: "ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY. Denouement.") I'll be over here biting my nails, because all I know is, ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY, gee it's a good thing somebody had zipties, and I strongly suspect Kanryuu is going to catch Jouto Fever because A) MOAR POKEMON REFERENCES and B) HWAHAHAHA RIGHT IN THE NANITE INNOCULATION, YOU CREEPY BASTARD.

On the other hand, how Misao is going to get her space ship is really bugging me.

Endings are fucking hard.

(Yes, I'm bitching about the ending, despite Megumi not having been mindraped into running back to Kanryuu's business, and also despite chapter four not being over when this thing is going to be at least seven chapters.)

Also, if Hannya does not stop staring at my plot trying to determine the best way to rain fish on it, I will be very angry. STOP THAT.
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"I have no such duty to an enemy."

I really, really do love Hannya quite a lot. You know how Chuck Norris is the internet standard of awesome? It should be Hannya. We should award really cool people with moments of Hannya's time.

If I had any fandom meta in me that wasn't about feminism or lesbians, I would write like a gajillion word essay about him.

Just for the record, I love

We have Zelda Heineken, a remix of the main Zelda theme played on beer bottles. We also have a ChronoTrigger remix: "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A DINOSAUR GET IN THE EPOCH!" (Yes. That's its title. No, I'm not lying. Click the link. You know you want to.)
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Title: Steel and Silk
Fandom/Pairing: Rurouni Kenshin; Misao/Kaoru, implied Misao/Megumi
Rating: ESRB Rating of E10+ for Everyone 10+ < rated for teh ghey >
Summary: Misao's not just watching the fireflies; she's watching Kaoru, too.
Notes: Written to the tune of "08. There are so few words that never grow old"

The fireflies are out in force tonight; Misao watches them and plays with her flat throwing knives. She's not just watching the fireflies, of course, she's watching the girl in the pale yellow kimono, too, with the obi that looks like a bee.

There's a knife sheathed somewhere in that obi, Misao knows and thinks it's fitting. She looks fragile, imperfectly beautiful—just like Megumi—but she's the farthest thing from it. Steel hidden beneath silk: it's a perfect metaphor for the two women she wants to grow up to be like.

The two women she wishes she could touch.
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Yukishiro Enishi is crazy.

This is the first muse I've ever had who's been bugfuck nuts permanently and it's kind of disconcerting. I'll admit, I've got a little soft spot in my heart for unreliable narrators, particularly non-lucid, highly metaphorical bordering on delusional unreliable narrators.

But Yukishiro Enishi is crazy. I've got an AU narrated by him in the works (it's set what I'm calling the Wings!verse or the AUniverse; it's based on Watsuki's science fiction concept art) and he's mostly lucid. Sort of. For a given value of lucid.

He's not lucid at all in anything else I've ever gotten him to narrate. (And when I pull him out of the musebox and let him sit on my shoulder like a shoulder angel, he mostly just grins loopily.)


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