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So is it any surprise I have basically abandoned my attempt at a dudeShep playthrough? [personal profile] nagia trying to play a dude is like Mordin trying to slow down his speech style: it goes well for four words (read: "halfway through Freedom's Progress") and then you hear "nononocan'tdoit."

In other playthrough news, the Yazmeen replay has hit the SM and I'm ready to go keel over in contact embarrassment at Garrus's adorable awkward. I can't wait to do LotSB and Arrival with her (actually, I can, because Arrival is exhausting, but shhhhhhh). Then again, I know Yazmeen best, and she amuses me deeply.

Hazan is still difficult to play. I am deeply wary of all the Renegade lines, and I'm still not sure how her brain works (or doesn't work; and the more I play her the more convinced I become that she's axe fucking crazy and that the Lazarus Project maaaaay have failed).

RIP, dudeShep. You have been abandoned for the Ultimate Paragon and Ultimate Renegade playthroughs while I work up the energy to go through Noveria with an Infiltrator. (Fucking rachni workers. FUCKING RACHNI WORKERS. My Adept hated them enough as it was, but an Infiltrator? AUGH.)

I had to stop playing Heavy Rain. Brutal game is brutal. Not to mention that it leaves me in constant terror of fucking up QTEs and I don't play games to stress myself out (ME2 suicide mission aside, which left me all jelly-limbed from fear on my first runthrough and is now just a mildly-nerve-wracking adrenaline rush).

I've been thinking about replaying KHII for a while. Problem is the PS2 is hiding in the Various Electronics Closet Of Doom, and I should probably replay FFX if Lulu is coming up so soon in "Gifts&Tresures." Which is also problematic d/t location of PS2.

But I've also been thinking of patching my copy of DA2 (didn't download the patch? Well, no, I didn't; the patch came out when I was beating my head against ME2 and those damnable husks) and revisiting Addelaide Hawke.

Or maybe I'll just leave a save right before staring the LotSB mission with the Yazmeen replay and have fun with car chases and Charge-spamming Tela Vasir. (I love that. I loved seeing an enemy Vanguard do the same thing as my Vanguard. Now if only I could charge to places and not just enemies... CHARGE YMIR MECH, SHEPARD PUNCH!!, SHEPARD SHOTGUN!!!, CHARGE BACK TO COVER. It'd be game-breaking but AWESOME.)

IDK. There are so many stories I want to tell myself, so many stories I want to be told...
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My very first playthrough of ME2 -- as Jenny Shepard -- is now complete.

My legs feel like jelly, but I kicked the crap out of the final boss on my first attempt.

Also, Jenny wound up being way into the Paragade. I'd have to check, but I think she had easily 100 points in Renegade by the end of the game, despite her nearly-maxed Paragon bar.

Also: Jennifer Hale rocks my damn socks so much. That woman.

I don't like to hold with the idea that either of the Shepards has any personality apart from what you give him/her, but Jennifer Hale really tests my resolution to abstain from 'THIS PERSONALITY IS SO CANON.' She manages to make Paragon sound... well... pretty damned badass. Jennifer Hale's voice has attitude.
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So I've been playing Mass Effect 2 pretty much nonstop for about a week. I've got two Shepards, both female because femShep's voice actor impresses far more than dudeShep's VA. (Also, I am not going to spend sixty hours listening to Jethann. NO.)

I've finally hit the Suicide Mission, right on time like I should have except oh god I don't have the Cain and I'm so nervous that I'm sick to my stomach. I know exactly what's at stake with all these choices that I'm making.

So far, I've been lucky enough to avoid anybody dying on me, but I'm in the homestretch (Commander's Advance + Hold The Line) and how do I decide and /bites nails forever. /also possibly throws up out of sheer stark raving terror.

I don't want to fight wave after wave of Husks!
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HAWKE: So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?
ORSINO: If that's what you intend, perhaps I'll join you after all...

What. What.
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So, my thoughts on FFXIII:

For all that it's focused on six people (and two living MacGuffins), the thematic scope of the story is huge in regards to those six people. There is no major character who doesn't grow up. Absolutely everybody learns something. And we get to see that growth and the gradual process.

The Lightning we leave behind at the end of the storyline is not the Lightning we met in the opening scene; nor is she the Lightning from Chapter III, Chapter V, Chapter VI... You get my drift? The same goes for Snow, for Hope, for Sazh. The Vanille of the final scene (and the Vanille who narrates throughout the game) is not the Vanille we met at the beginning, and post-story Fang is not the woman we glimpsed lounging in the beachside bar, "Looking for someone."

The characters we follow and play as are three-dimensional, while the characters we glimpse in passing cutscenes are at best mere watercolors and at worst rough sketches. And that makes sense: you're on a time crunch, you've got a ticking time bomb etched in your skin and an entire world against you; you don't have time to look for other people's hidden depths, or to display them.'

Herre yar be fpoileres )
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So, I've hit the Killer Croc level in Arkham Asylum, have reached the end of the Mikage/Black Rose Duellist arc in Utena, and let me tell you, one of these was more frustrating than the other (though they both have their low points).

Hint: Arkham Asylum stresses me out. Don't get me wrong, I love playing it. I love everything about it, from the way Batman moves to the 99.9% of the voice acting to the script to the gameplay. But being the goddamn Batman is stressful. (On the other hand, Batclaw to the face, suck on that, electro-rod henchmen!)

But the Killer Croc level takes just about everything that could possibly be irritating and/or frightening and throws it all into the blender. From following meters/scanners to completely retarded stealth injunctions (and dear lord the first time Croc lunged out of the water to eat me for lunch I about had a screaming panic attack) to very huge people bursting out of walls and trying to kill you--only to be stopped by Batarangs, no really.

It's so full of "What is this I don't even" that I just. I've had to stop at the checkpoint where I finally have all my fungus (yes, that's right, Batman is wandering around Croc's territory looking for fungus, jesus this game is made of wtf) and am supposed to be on my way back to the lair entrance. But Croc is being such a douchenozzle and I keep getting lost and it's just. Like. STOP DESTROYING MY DAMN WALKWAYS, CROC. ALSO PLEASE QUIT RUNNING AT ME FROM BEHIND BECAUSE I FREAK OUT.

Utena, on the other hand, has been very successful at washing the taste of being the goddamn Batman out of my brain.
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And snowed in for twelve of those hours

I am ready to go stir crazy

I think I need a good long cut for keyboard smash )

The power is back on, now, of course. (Otherwise I wouldn't be posting, and you would have heard on the news about that crazy woman in Dayton, TN who, like, walked into a Krystal's and killed everyone with hot grease). I need a bath. And videogames. And hideous gifs. Particularly hideous Twilight-related gifs, because part of me wants to app Alice from Twilight into CnC. (The rest of me wants to app Kika from Suikoden IV. Or Sigurd.)


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