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Well, the day is over. I got out of work at four, but I didn't get home until seven and then didn't actually get to sit down until nine.

Today was pretty much the worst day I've had at Receivia since I was working in A/R. Logged back into all my systems after a half-hour lunch (I get an hour M-F), only to discover that the facility had completed an open professional bill for me, then copied it and finished that account's institutional bill as well. The next seven accounts in a row had already been billed and 'closed out' by the facility, despite having just been assigned to us yesterday. Because I'm paranoid and take things personally, and was also the only person billing Columbia today, I had a small attack of "OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAULT I'M NOT DOING THIS FAST ENOUGH OR WELL ENOUGH AND THEY'RE GOING TO COMPLAIN ON MONDAY."

Broke down and cried at my desk. Then I tried to log into one last system and "flip" bills. Spent forty-five minutes fighting with it to no avail. Cried more. One of the team leads fought with it for another ten, and then told me that facility had pulled all our assigned encounters and flipped them for us, because they're assholes.

Around three, one of my fellow inmates -- the only other person to share my row -- looked up and went, "Katie, you do look like you're about to cry." The look of surprise on her face when I told her I already had, more than once, was almost a bright spot, except then my systems kicked me out.

All told, I had an hour of downtime and didn't make goal. I did get exactly 80% of goal, though, which I guess isn't bad for your first time on a facility. Especially if you're overtired, overstressed, and just generally overworked all to hell.

The news gets even better. Starting Monday, I'm now required to put in fifty-six hours a week. They don't really care how I manage it, I just have to get the hours. Which would be fine, I guess, except I'm supposed to cram two extra days's worth of hours into... one extra day.

There are days I could swear this place is deliberately trying to make me feel stupid and worthless.
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Well, I'm twenty-two, and have been for twenty-five minutes. Don't feel any different from twenty-one, except maybe a bit more exasperated.

I don't think my mother understands just how not important this day is to me. It's a minor oddity, like a "Huh, I never expected to live this long." Honestly, the fact that it's 17 July is far, far outweighed by the fact that it's a Saturday. (I know I say I never expected to live this long every year, but that's because it's true. It's especially true this year, considering who I was in May.)
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Totally random question that in no way relates to an in-development FFXIII epic: after cut for spoilers )

In other news: my dad is an asshole, my mom is stressing me out, and Gifts&Treasures isn't coming together.

Also, I should proooobably get off this damn Yuffie/Shalua kick.

Another question: since Oerba was apparently a communal society, would it have marriage in the modern sense (jointly owned property, usually joint finances, tax breaks)? I'm sure there were life partnerships and child-rearing unions, since they're kind of unavoidable if you want your humans not to read as totally alien, but would the word "marriage" or "husband" or "wife" been tossed around?

Also, the universe keeps giving me the best presents. I turned twenty, it gave me TDK; I turned twenty-one, it gave me a job; I turn twenty-two, it gives me insurance AND a movie directed by Chris Nolan and starring Ellen Paige. Clearly, the week of the seventeenth is when the magic happens.
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You know that fic that I thought was going to be a romcom and wanted to be pseudo-literary? I HAVE THE ANSWER~

And the answer is bookends. That is all.

Dear too and almost,


That is all.

So [personal profile] cheloya introduced me to What The Fuck Should I Make For, and the first thing it gave me?

"How about some fucking

Coffee-Braised Beef with Cinnamon and Orange"

This thing is clearly god.


I guess I should start putting together my notebook for "Gifts and Treasures," since that's going to be my Mega Flare fic.
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Quick 1500 word snapshot of what's happening in Keeping Faith.

JFC Avert Your Eeeeeeeeyes )
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For anyone who was wondering just what the hell is up with "Catch Me"--which, let's face it, was maybe [personal profile] leviathanmirror since she's the only person I've discussed the project with--I have finally completed the Kenshin-Sano-Hyottoko-Beshimi-surprise!Hannya fight in chapter four.

That means it's time to start plotting the denouement (which, lolariously, is on the outline exactly like so: "ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY. Denouement.") I'll be over here biting my nails, because all I know is, ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY, gee it's a good thing somebody had zipties, and I strongly suspect Kanryuu is going to catch Jouto Fever because A) MOAR POKEMON REFERENCES and B) HWAHAHAHA RIGHT IN THE NANITE INNOCULATION, YOU CREEPY BASTARD.

On the other hand, how Misao is going to get her space ship is really bugging me.

Endings are fucking hard.

(Yes, I'm bitching about the ending, despite Megumi not having been mindraped into running back to Kanryuu's business, and also despite chapter four not being over when this thing is going to be at least seven chapters.)

Also, if Hannya does not stop staring at my plot trying to determine the best way to rain fish on it, I will be very angry. STOP THAT.
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Oh Neil Gaiman no!

Seriously, Neil, you are usually so good and on the ball! I get that we're all a bit blind to our S/O's faults, but seriously! A "no comment" might have been a better idea!

Am I going to have to put you on my List with Joss Whedon?

In other news, RPattz is still trying to get fired. I don't even know where to start with this.

So there's been a lot of teal deer talk about this matter. I'm not into shota, chan, loli, or bestiality. I'm also not particularly into m/m slash. Or male characters at all, really.

But this is so much bullshit. more teal deer )

TL;DR: Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it has no right to exist, and censoring pornography without outlawing the entire industry is dumb.
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Dear [personal profile] zvi:

I think you need to step back and reexamine your actions and your motives. Because it looks to me like you've got yourself in a hole, and rather than jump out of it, you're just continuing to dig.

Do you understand that your post in your journal about this tangent makes up a part of the larger imbroglio? Do you understand that people, in following the larger imbroglio, will re-direct their attention to your post, because you have positioned it as being a part of the larger discussion at hand?

I'm a late-comer to this, but from what I understand, the entry in question would not have received much attention--if any at all--had it not been posted to [community profile] linkspam, and had the resulting kerfuffle not been posted to [community profile] metafandom.

It is completely permissible to rabbit trail on a personal journal. That's half of what they're for. And if you rabbit trail on your personal journal, you're not hurting anything. You're not shutting down anybody else's conversations. You're not making a discussion between or about other parties all about you.

If the user in question had posted links to that entry here, back, and beyond indicating that it should be part of the discussion, you would have a point. If the user in question had invaded somebody else's meta post and gone off on this tangent, or had deliberately re-directed someone else's conversation, you would have a point.

But from all indications I've seen, the user in question did none of that.

Not everybody wants to be part of every conversation all the time. I will say this again: not everybody wants to be part of every conversation all the time, and it is ridiculous that you would drag someone into a fight they didn't agree to enter.

This user didn't even have the option to say, "Please take that link down, I don't want to be part of this discussion."

The party who linked the "derailing" entry was [community profile] linkspam. If [community profile] linkspam felt that the post was only tangentially related, it had the option of not linking. To decide to link a tangentially related post, tag it as "derailing," and then offer no recourse for the link's removal is, gasp shock surprise, appropriating somebody else's content.

Let's try that again, just to make absolutely sure my logic is clear. [community profile] linkspam took something that was not [community profile] linkspam's, without permission, and posted it under a label one hundred percent sure to offend--again without permission--thus using content for [community profile] linkspam's own purposes in a way it had not been intended.

What exactly would you call that?
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Dear everyone:


Also, I am the biggest moron on this side of the planet (....well, second-biggest, Sarah Palin is pretty damn dumb).

In other news, recent meta has sharpened my appetite for dealing with the Shadowsverse crew. They are all a bunch of assholes, except for Corentin and Cazgo (one of whom has her own issues involving her demon semi-fiance and the other of whom works very, very hard to seem like a brainless surferdude goofball), and I love them anyway (except for Dereth, who somehow manages to play the "abusive dad," "clueless ex," and "that's CAPTAIN rigid tightass to you" cards all at once--no, don't ask me to explain).

[personal profile] kaigou's recent post (for a value of "recent" that includes "in the past six months") has gotten me thinking about white/black~bright/dark~right-hand/left-hand symbolism, and the way I use it in Shadowsverse.

To drop into TV Tropes parlance, Shadowsverse itself is a trainwreck of three tropes: Dark Is Not Evil, Light Is Not Good, and Good Is Not Nice. There is very specific color symbolism: black magicians and white mgicians, one is "evil," and one is "good." Thanks to the color symbolism, the 'verse may read as a Pointed Look at racism, especially since all the major recurring characters are PoCs. But the truth is, Shadowsverse is, at its core, about religion.

But the major points of the 'verse have always been: A) "people" as a rule are roughly the same on the good/evil scale, B) good and evil get a lot murkier when you're riding the high horse of a cause or religion, and C) people atop the high horses of causes/religions tend to do more harm than good.

It's my angry "Seven years in Christian schooling SD:LKHSG:HGH I HATE CHRISTIANS WILL THEY ALL PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP" screed, in book form. Because if there was one thing I saw, over and over and over, repeated ad nauseum by not only students but teachers, professors, chapel speakers, parents, was the complete and total erasure of other faiths, other creeds. The people on the "right-hand" path couldn't fucking get the idea through their heads that the the rest of the world followed a separate path, and they could scream themselves hoarse and never change a thing, nor have any right to.

And at some point, I started formulating a world where the left-hand path was in control and always had been, where the right-hand path was shown to be just as vicious, just as hurtful, just as destructive as the left-hand path at its worst.

But thanks to [personal profile] kaigou's post, I'm starting to wonder: am I derailing or co-opting racial discussion by using deliberate colour symbolism to make a different point? Or does the implied point that "black/dark/left-hand" and "white/light/right-hand" are ultimately nothing more than labels make it permissible?
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In general, I don't get very sentimental. Sentimentality is for people who are not me.

But every time the opening notes of Uematsu Nobuo - Opening ~ Bombing Mission (also known as the FFVII opening theme) start to play, I get swamped in nostalgia and my eyes start to water.

The very first time I ever watched my (pirated, pre-release) sub of Advent Children, I bawled at the very first scene.

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Non-Exhaustive List of the Cursed or Magical Swords/Armor Currently in Possession of the Balreqiea Dragoons of Order

The Blood-Fang, Iyepka-era Vabren longsword (~600 years old): Like many Vabren cursed swords, was supposedly forged by a known and revered black magician of the Dead City as the ultimate escalation of a blood feud. This time, it was Adaike Lohz, who wanted to kill members of Elom Avveth's specific father-to-son line--his own brothers-in-law--as revenge for his sister's death in childbirth. The sword is known for causing exsanguination at highly exaggerated speeds. Most recent date of exposure: eighty years ago, when it caused roughly two hundred deaths in fourteen days.

The Daylight, Imetrio-era Vabren shortsword (~700-800 years old): The only extant "killing sword" enchanted with white magic. When wielded by a powerful white magician, light reflected from the blade can instantly purify the life from weaker black magicians. When carried by the less powerful or by non-magicians, it is known for causing burn wounds ranging from very minor first to third-degree burns with each cut, depending on the cut's severity. It is the only cursed sword that cannot be touched or wielded in any fashion by black magicians. Most recent date of exposure: three hundred years ago, when it caused fifty non-magician deaths, and an unknown amount of deaths among black magicians (estimates place the toll between one and three hundred).

Eater-of-Brightness, Iyepka-era Vabren longsword (~600 years old): A cursed Vabren sword that can only be wielded by a woman's hand. This sword is known for its defensive capabilities: magic of any kind used on a proper wielder of the sword will fail--often with damage to the caster, or to bystanders, should the caster move out of range. Forged by Chetmirakh Envareth for his sister, Eajo, that she need never suffer a white magician's anger. Most recent date of exposure: not since the creation of the Dragoons, four hundred years ago.

The Flesh Guard, Imetrio-era Vabren full armor (~700 years old): A full suit of Vabren armor, from hand guards to helmet and breastplate. It was enchanted by a group of black magicians in the Temple of Asedek as a gift to a disliked warrior in the Temple of Uherl. The armor has since become famous: it may guard the flesh, but it weakens the soul. The armor prevents any and all physical or magical damage to the bearer, but prolonged exposure not only saps the will to live, but makes the armor progressively more difficult to remove. In the end, the victim is trapped in armor that makes them wish to die but will not allow them to. Most recent date of exposure: not since the creation of the Dragoons.

The Kept Faith of Indara, Nemeq-era Vabren shortsword (~460 years old): One of the most infamous Vabren swords, forged by master bladesmith--and leader of a Zintznean religious school--Indara the Righteous, in the days just after Balreqiean colonization of what were once Vabren lands. In order to purge his feelings, Indara forged his Kept Faith and imbued it with his hatred of the colonials. It deliberately seeks out Balreqiean blood (especially the blood of Pure Balreqieans). When Indara was alive, it killed with a cut. Indara's death gave the sword a consciousness, specifically, a consciousness belonging to the most vile part of his soul, and it can now completely possess anyone who touches its hilt, or anyone whom it cuts. Legend holds that it was one of the signs of Zintzne's displeasure with the Dead City. Most recent date of exposure: around 2002

The Snake-Son, Nemeq-era Vabren longsword (~400 years old): One of the least famous and most frightening of the Vabren swords, often called the Kinslayer. It was created by a female black magician (rumored to be of the long-lost Vahai household) as revenge against a man who refused to leave his wife for her. Not only did it cause the man to kill his wife and then himself, but it destroyed three entire households, not to mention the foolish black magicina and everyone else she loved. No one is entirely sure how or why it possesses people, but the people it takes over will inevitably destroy what they love most, and then themselves. Most recent date of exposure: not since the creation of the Dragons

seven, eight, skip a few, ninety-nine...

The Winged Death: Iyepka-era Vabren longsword (~600 years old): Another lesser-known and frightening sword, the Winged Death doesn't need a bearer. It has its own consciousness with an incomprehensible agenda, and can move on its own via self-levitation. Although no two victims are killed in the same circumstances or with the same inhuman logic, the sword is generally drawn to people who have histories of sexual contact, and generally does not seem to get along well with black magicians.


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