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I don't know whether this is an "FML" moments or an "I love my life" moment. It's sure as hell one of those "I will laugh about this later moments."

Except I'm laughing about it now.

Guys, I just spent ten minutes fighting with a key, a deadbolt, and two leashed dogs determined to drag me all over the neighborhood while I tried to get us in the house.

Once I gave up on the front door, I squeezed myself and them through a broken gate into the back yard. Then I wound up squeezing myself into the garage via dog door.

Yes. That's right. I just entered my own home via dog door.

Even better, it was completely unnecessary. Had I stopped to look at my keyring, I would have seen two nearly-identical keys: one silver, one bronze. The silver key opens the external garage door. The bronze one opens the front door.

So I could quite easily have gotten in through an actual door, rather than the dog flaps, had I stopped to think for more than twenty seconds.

You may now point and laugh.
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HAWKE: So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?
ORSINO: If that's what you intend, perhaps I'll join you after all...

What. What.
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The news of the weekend:

1. The visit with Learning Disability kid went pretty well. The ADHD really, really fucks with his concentration. I'm talking, we're sounding out words, and it goes like this:

Q: Okay, now what are the next three letters?

A: c...i...o...?

Q: Awesome! So what do those letters sound like?

A: Cuh... ih...oh?

Q: Do you remember what your phonics says about c and i?

A: It's a "shuh" sound!

Q: Right! So let's throw it all together, what do those three letters mean?

A: Cuh... ih... oh.... Caution?

Q: Not like that, sweetheart. Only use those three letters for me?

A: [something about how 'helicopter has a c in it.' No joke.]

2. Sick like a sick thing, and the walk in clinic was no help.

3. Started a replay of Legend of Dragoon. Keep forgetting how much fun this game was, despite the terrible!
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Well, I'm twenty-two, and have been for twenty-five minutes. Don't feel any different from twenty-one, except maybe a bit more exasperated.

I don't think my mother understands just how not important this day is to me. It's a minor oddity, like a "Huh, I never expected to live this long." Honestly, the fact that it's 17 July is far, far outweighed by the fact that it's a Saturday. (I know I say I never expected to live this long every year, but that's because it's true. It's especially true this year, considering who I was in May.)
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So, Arizona has gotten even more faily. And you know what? For all that I fucking hate Tennessee, at least we're not Arizona.

The things I would like to do to that state. JFC, people. Is being a decent human being so hard?

In other news, I just mainlined Season One of Criminal Minds and am on the second episode of season two. Right now, I'm loving every single female character in addition to Hotch and Reid.
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So I got an email from somebody who's been in the FFVII/YxV fandom for a while asking me if I wanted to read his fic, which would be based on "Chinese/Korean folkore" (which... what? I'm no expert on either China or Korea, but I'm 99.99% sure they're culturally distinct enough that smushing their folklore together with a slash is not appropriate).

When I respond that I don't have time to beta or test read somebody else's fanfiction, he replies that he wasn't emailing me to ask me to beta/test read. He was just asking if I wanted to read it.

What? Can somebody please explain this logic to me? I do not grok this "let me email somebody I've never spoken to before ever and ask them if they wanted to read my fanfic" idea. If I wanted to read your fanfic, I would be reading your fanfic, especially since you're an unavoidable name in a comparitively small corner of a shared fandom.


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