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Well, the day is over. I got out of work at four, but I didn't get home until seven and then didn't actually get to sit down until nine.

Today was pretty much the worst day I've had at Receivia since I was working in A/R. Logged back into all my systems after a half-hour lunch (I get an hour M-F), only to discover that the facility had completed an open professional bill for me, then copied it and finished that account's institutional bill as well. The next seven accounts in a row had already been billed and 'closed out' by the facility, despite having just been assigned to us yesterday. Because I'm paranoid and take things personally, and was also the only person billing Columbia today, I had a small attack of "OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAULT I'M NOT DOING THIS FAST ENOUGH OR WELL ENOUGH AND THEY'RE GOING TO COMPLAIN ON MONDAY."

Broke down and cried at my desk. Then I tried to log into one last system and "flip" bills. Spent forty-five minutes fighting with it to no avail. Cried more. One of the team leads fought with it for another ten, and then told me that facility had pulled all our assigned encounters and flipped them for us, because they're assholes.

Around three, one of my fellow inmates -- the only other person to share my row -- looked up and went, "Katie, you do look like you're about to cry." The look of surprise on her face when I told her I already had, more than once, was almost a bright spot, except then my systems kicked me out.

All told, I had an hour of downtime and didn't make goal. I did get exactly 80% of goal, though, which I guess isn't bad for your first time on a facility. Especially if you're overtired, overstressed, and just generally overworked all to hell.

The news gets even better. Starting Monday, I'm now required to put in fifty-six hours a week. They don't really care how I manage it, I just have to get the hours. Which would be fine, I guess, except I'm supposed to cram two extra days's worth of hours into... one extra day.

There are days I could swear this place is deliberately trying to make me feel stupid and worthless.
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This is not my month. As if things weren't bad enough, I cut my left pinkie open tonight. Very, very bad cut. As in “eight stitches“ bad. A hair longer or deeper, and I would have lost the finger. I cut almost all the way around the finger.

As it is, I bled pretty horribly. I mean I soaked through the gauze, the paper barrier, dribbled a lake onto the plastic sub-barrier, and got both the NP's and her student's labcoats. When they finished, my palm was covered in blood.

Oh, and the worst of it? I'm left handed.
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So, Arizona has gotten even more faily. And you know what? For all that I fucking hate Tennessee, at least we're not Arizona.

The things I would like to do to that state. JFC, people. Is being a decent human being so hard?

In other news, I just mainlined Season One of Criminal Minds and am on the second episode of season two. Right now, I'm loving every single female character in addition to Hotch and Reid.
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So my mother has discovered facebook. First she pestered me to friend her, because how does it look if her only daughter doesn't friend her on facebook? Fuckin' gag me, I think I'm going to vom.

Now she's pestering me about some fucking picture. I cannot seem to get it through her head that I don't fucking know, okay, failbook is not my fucking techno scene. Any requests made about it can suck my admittedly fictional dick.

And when I tell her, for the fifth fucking time, that I have done absolutely NOTHING to facebook, at all, in two years or more, and do not control facebook, and do not know why it's giving her a "page not available" error, she tells me that she doesn't appreciate the attitude and doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

This is a profoundly infuriating woman, and if I could fucking kill her, right now I would in a heartbeat. I would rip open her throat with my goddamn teeth.

Instead, I've saved everything relevant and deleted my account.
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Oh Neil Gaiman no!

Seriously, Neil, you are usually so good and on the ball! I get that we're all a bit blind to our S/O's faults, but seriously! A "no comment" might have been a better idea!

Am I going to have to put you on my List with Joss Whedon?

In other news, RPattz is still trying to get fired. I don't even know where to start with this.

So there's been a lot of teal deer talk about this matter. I'm not into shota, chan, loli, or bestiality. I'm also not particularly into m/m slash. Or male characters at all, really.

But this is so much bullshit. more teal deer )

TL;DR: Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it has no right to exist, and censoring pornography without outlawing the entire industry is dumb.
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Seriously, I am so angry I feel like my eyeballs are sizzling in my skull.

I actively wish harm on this woman. And her husband. I wish their son had been "a block of fetal tissue." I wish she had nearly lost her life to due to her complicated pregnancy.

At the very least, I wish she would fucking 'fess up and admit that she didn't fucking have a choice, because there is no such fucking choice in the Philippines. Any sort of premature termination of a pregnancy is strictly outlawed except when the mother is in clear and present immediate danger. No, not even in cases of incest or rape.

Translation? No doctor in the Philippines would ever have said, "Yeah, that's not a baby, let's just scrape that out." ON PAIN OF LOSS OF LICENSE AND SIX YEARS IN PRISON.

Oh, and there's not much in the way of contraception or specialized neonatal/postnatal care. Not even in Manila. So if they hadn't wanted a baby, or darling Timmy had had birth defects, they'd have been SOL.

I love the country my family is from, but it is fucked up and I will not pretend it isn't.

(Then again, my views on abortion may be somewhat skewed: in the Meiji Era [which is where nearly all of my mental time has been invested as of late thanks to re~search~], women would simply kill infants they couldn't [or didn't want to] care for. Infants. Newborns. It wasn't even a crime, just a sad necessity. Abortion seems a hell of a lot better than that, to me.)


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