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Starting a game of Assassin's Creed II.

Nevermind, AC2 can lick my fuzzy blue asshole. I'd rather let Killer Croc eat me and use my ribcage for toothpicks.
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Whatever. I have now completely fucking ceased to give a damn.
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I had the weirdest dream last night, and I can't stop chewing on it. Part of it is the fact that my brain seized up Suicide Club in its teeth and won't let go. And, because I recently completely gave up on CnC, my CnC!Misao muse is working overtime going CREATIVITYTYYYYYY.

Yeah. Mix CnC with "Fruity Oaty Bars", Suicide Club, and House, M. D. Shake well, add a finger of gin, and olives to taste. That was my dream.

And I can't stop chewing on it. Augh.

(Also, the song "Mail Me" by 'Dessart' was based on a real song by an actual Japanese popstar, just remixed by a bunch of twelve year olds. Is it sad I halfway think the evil twelve year old remix -- video here -- is cuter? Although Mamoi Haruko has the advantage of being five times hotter.)
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[1] Dear god somebody please stop me from taking this morning after thread and writing the "night before" please. Except for that one time because it would have been Elegant Society's idea of hideous (though I think we used a different word at ES and I do believe that word was "epic"), I have never written fic for an RP character. (And writing that fic gave me an awful crack OTP that could have changed the Naruto universe forever.) Seriously.

[2] Hijo de puta. So like my Trillian is doing this like thing. Where it like. CUTS OUT RANDOMLY. Often right before people say things to me.

[3] Please allow me to deliver a resounding "Whatever."

[4] Now I want to write deathfic. Angry deathfic, too, not angsty death fic. Like Vincent and Auron take out a Behemoth. Or Turk!Vincent kills an entire hotel suite full of people with a nail file or something.

[5] I turn twenty-one in 23 hours. Yaaaaaaaaaay able-to-buy-alcohol-itude.

[6] I remember those days when I actually read [ profile] fandom_secrets. Huh. Good times.


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