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Quick notes: So far I've decided that this chapter needs to be non-chronological, since the bulk of the narrative is actually Misao telling Aoshi, and it doesn't feel right for her to talk about it in order. Bits of it are incomplete, and I'm not 100% sure I've got it all in the right order.

Warnings: sexual assault of a minor, violence, misogynistic attitudes (some period-appropriate, some unique).

three: but where at last the sea's line is the sky's )

WARNING misogynistic attitudes ahoy )

feel free to check my violence )
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No more riddles,
No more jests.
No more curses you can't undo,
Left by fathers you never knew...
No more quests.

No more feelings;
Time to shut the door.
Just -- no more.

Running away, let's do it --
Free from the ties that bind!
No more despair,
Or burdens to bear,
Out there in the yonder.

Running away -- go to it!
Where did you have in mind?
Have to take care:
Unless there's a "where,"
You'll only be wandering blind.
Just more questions;
Different kind.
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For anyone who was wondering just what the hell is up with "Catch Me"--which, let's face it, was maybe [personal profile] leviathanmirror since she's the only person I've discussed the project with--I have finally completed the Kenshin-Sano-Hyottoko-Beshimi-surprise!Hannya fight in chapter four.

That means it's time to start plotting the denouement (which, lolariously, is on the outline exactly like so: "ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY. Denouement.") I'll be over here biting my nails, because all I know is, ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF ULTIMATE DESTINY, gee it's a good thing somebody had zipties, and I strongly suspect Kanryuu is going to catch Jouto Fever because A) MOAR POKEMON REFERENCES and B) HWAHAHAHA RIGHT IN THE NANITE INNOCULATION, YOU CREEPY BASTARD.

On the other hand, how Misao is going to get her space ship is really bugging me.

Endings are fucking hard.

(Yes, I'm bitching about the ending, despite Megumi not having been mindraped into running back to Kanryuu's business, and also despite chapter four not being over when this thing is going to be at least seven chapters.)

Also, if Hannya does not stop staring at my plot trying to determine the best way to rain fish on it, I will be very angry. STOP THAT.
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All right. This is my list of things to do for the next seven days.

[ ] Write at least five hundred words of the [community profile] femmefest fic per day -- goal is to have "A Recounting of the Damage Done" finished in three days, by 24 February at the latest.

[ ] Write at least one hundred words of Carry My Name per day.

[ ] Write at least two hundred words of Keeping Faith per day.

[ ] Spend at least one hour on the RPs per day.

If I am not at work and I am not doing one of those things, kick me.
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Things That Help Katie Write
- The lights off
- Mood-appropriate music on (one of these days, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and make a "songs to control minds to" playlist)
- Coffee, tea, or Mountain Dew/Vault
- Oddly enough, eggnog

Things That Do NOT Help Katie Write
- Worrying about whether she will die in the hideously hideous rental car of ugliness
- Access to the Internet
- Metaquotes
- Lack of something to drink
- Inability to settle on WHAT she wr


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