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Oh Neil Gaiman no!

Seriously, Neil, you are usually so good and on the ball! I get that we're all a bit blind to our S/O's faults, but seriously! A "no comment" might have been a better idea!

Am I going to have to put you on my List with Joss Whedon?

In other news, RPattz is still trying to get fired. I don't even know where to start with this.

So there's been a lot of teal deer talk about this matter. I'm not into shota, chan, loli, or bestiality. I'm also not particularly into m/m slash. Or male characters at all, really.

But this is so much bullshit. more teal deer )

TL;DR: Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it has no right to exist, and censoring pornography without outlawing the entire industry is dumb.
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Seriously, I am so angry I feel like my eyeballs are sizzling in my skull.

I actively wish harm on this woman. And her husband. I wish their son had been "a block of fetal tissue." I wish she had nearly lost her life to due to her complicated pregnancy.

At the very least, I wish she would fucking 'fess up and admit that she didn't fucking have a choice, because there is no such fucking choice in the Philippines. Any sort of premature termination of a pregnancy is strictly outlawed except when the mother is in clear and present immediate danger. No, not even in cases of incest or rape.

Translation? No doctor in the Philippines would ever have said, "Yeah, that's not a baby, let's just scrape that out." ON PAIN OF LOSS OF LICENSE AND SIX YEARS IN PRISON.

Oh, and there's not much in the way of contraception or specialized neonatal/postnatal care. Not even in Manila. So if they hadn't wanted a baby, or darling Timmy had had birth defects, they'd have been SOL.

I love the country my family is from, but it is fucked up and I will not pretend it isn't.

(Then again, my views on abortion may be somewhat skewed: in the Meiji Era [which is where nearly all of my mental time has been invested as of late thanks to re~search~], women would simply kill infants they couldn't [or didn't want to] care for. Infants. Newborns. It wasn't even a crime, just a sad necessity. Abortion seems a hell of a lot better than that, to me.)


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