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Usual block problem: I do not know what words come next. Every time I try to add words, they're wrong, and that makes all the other words look wrong.

THIS STORY NO LONGER TASTES GOOD. I almost want to give up on it. (I won't give it up, of course, but it's still making me really mad.)

Also at this point I'm basically biding my time until I go pick up Miss Cookie. She's coming to live with me~
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14760 / 20000

I'm on chapter five of seven outlined, and I am getting closer and closer to wordcount. The "doll" has been introduced, and so have Kore and The Book. Took a break for a few days, then sat down and pounded out 1,400 words in one sitting. I'm going to shoot for more.

Thank bog I have a few days off so I can work on this baby. (I am, possibly hilariously, staring at chapter five going "What now?")

In other news, started writing a CM casefic in the moments I can spare from G&T. Setting it in my hometown, basically because I can and because it's the only place I know well enough to set a murder mystery in. Working title is "Tell Her That I'll Never Roam," and if you ever see me bitching about "the Glenn Miller fic" or "the Chattanooga Choo Choo fic," this is the one I'm talking about.

It's going to be set in a timeline of three fics exploring exactly why JJ took the stalker case in "The Crossing" so personally. (And, frankly, "She's pregnant!" did not explain it to me.) I have no idea if exactly what happened (and when, and why, and how persistent the emotional reaction is) will come out in "Tell Her That I'll Never Roam," but it's possible. I'm leaning toward "won't," however, or "won't be stated to other characters (though the observant ones may suss it out)".

And for RK, I've also started looking harder at "Untold Oceans," which will never be posted and is even squickier and more fucked up than "Hard Times," in fits and starts. There's actually not a water motif running throughout this one (unlike, oh, every other fic I've ever written). Title's a variant on "10,000 Oceans."

"Catch Me" is being quiet. Which is probably a good thing, considering how my brain wants to make absolutely everything (including G&T, though I'm resisting mightily) into a squickfest. I'm writing/plotting enough squicky things in the RK fandom right now. Don't need to go adding to the list.
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This is one of those little 'background canon' moments. I don't think Squall really listens, because Squall's got a deathgrip on either the Conflict Ball or the Idiot Ball where Vincent is concerned. But Cid and Squall totally do have this conversation.

The other man's expression hardened into something Cid recognized: Who is this clown, and how many bones do I have to break to get him away from the girls? )
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Dear "Gifts and Treasures,"

Why are you so crazypants?, seriously, did somebody put LSD in your cornflakes?

The sad thing is, I mean it. The primary narrators of G&T are each of them crazier than crazy-boy Enishi, who interacts with his long-dead sister of whom he is perhaps incestuously fond, and also maybe eats mice. We think.

...okay, so they're not crazy. But Yuffie's got some pretty whacked out shiz banging around in her brain-pan, and Vincent is still trying to find the words for, "When I say I knew you in another life, I mean that literally. Also, Maleficent used to leave me chained up in her castle courtyard and taunt me until I fursploded. You would have been about nine. I'm in my nineties, by the way."


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