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Excuse me? The Normandy is Shepard's real love? GARRUS IS STANDING RIGHT OVER THERE.

Fuck punching Khalisah (which is uncomfortable anyway, even from an ethnically Berber femShep), I want to punch him. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.
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These last ten minutes weren't as much a waste of my time as the entirety of Dirge of Cerberus.

If you have played Dirge of Cerberus, or know a thing about Squaresoft games, you know exactly what kind of compliment that is.
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Calibrations (1/1) (rude request for MOAR GARRUS)
Checking In (Kolyat sends punk emails)
Dear Alien Gods... (Shepard gives driving lessons)
Gift of Wings (Batman fusion)
In The Arms of The Enemy (OC!human/OC!Turian romance novel)
"Keep" (protective Garrus request)
The Sky From Me (request for a Mass Effect/Firefly fusion)
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(8:50:30 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Garrus has heavy artillery pheromones or something.
(8:50:46 PM) [personal profile] nagia: ...I am now imagining a rocket humping his leg.
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So I am responsible for this epistolary piece of insanity over at the Mass Effect kinkmeme.

Yes, that's Kolyat and Shepard emailing each that. Kolyat is such a bitchy little punk that I have to love him. For a lizardfishboy, he's exceedingly catty and teenaged, and I am kind of proud of my Kolyat voice.

Thing is, epistolary format is hard, because I feel like I'm having to capture Shepard's vocal mannerisms, while believably transcribing them to emails. And Perfect Canon Paragon Shepard's vocal mannerisms are hard enough for me to grab, and then make them EMAILS?

I really don't think this story could be told any other way. But goddamn if it's not a pain in the ass.
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So is it any surprise I have basically abandoned my attempt at a dudeShep playthrough? [personal profile] nagia trying to play a dude is like Mordin trying to slow down his speech style: it goes well for four words (read: "halfway through Freedom's Progress") and then you hear "nononocan'tdoit."

In other playthrough news, the Yazmeen replay has hit the SM and I'm ready to go keel over in contact embarrassment at Garrus's adorable awkward. I can't wait to do LotSB and Arrival with her (actually, I can, because Arrival is exhausting, but shhhhhhh). Then again, I know Yazmeen best, and she amuses me deeply.

Hazan is still difficult to play. I am deeply wary of all the Renegade lines, and I'm still not sure how her brain works (or doesn't work; and the more I play her the more convinced I become that she's axe fucking crazy and that the Lazarus Project maaaaay have failed).

RIP, dudeShep. You have been abandoned for the Ultimate Paragon and Ultimate Renegade playthroughs while I work up the energy to go through Noveria with an Infiltrator. (Fucking rachni workers. FUCKING RACHNI WORKERS. My Adept hated them enough as it was, but an Infiltrator? AUGH.)

I had to stop playing Heavy Rain. Brutal game is brutal. Not to mention that it leaves me in constant terror of fucking up QTEs and I don't play games to stress myself out (ME2 suicide mission aside, which left me all jelly-limbed from fear on my first runthrough and is now just a mildly-nerve-wracking adrenaline rush).

I've been thinking about replaying KHII for a while. Problem is the PS2 is hiding in the Various Electronics Closet Of Doom, and I should probably replay FFX if Lulu is coming up so soon in "Gifts&Tresures." Which is also problematic d/t location of PS2.

But I've also been thinking of patching my copy of DA2 (didn't download the patch? Well, no, I didn't; the patch came out when I was beating my head against ME2 and those damnable husks) and revisiting Addelaide Hawke.

Or maybe I'll just leave a save right before staring the LotSB mission with the Yazmeen replay and have fun with car chases and Charge-spamming Tela Vasir. (I love that. I loved seeing an enemy Vanguard do the same thing as my Vanguard. Now if only I could charge to places and not just enemies... CHARGE YMIR MECH, SHEPARD PUNCH!!, SHEPARD SHOTGUN!!!, CHARGE BACK TO COVER. It'd be game-breaking but AWESOME.)

IDK. There are so many stories I want to tell myself, so many stories I want to be told...
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One: I HAVE INTERNETS AGAIN. I had to install some asinine program to make my damnned router cooperate with the Orichalcum (though it and jumpKick get along just fine without said program. I FIND THIS SUSPICIOUS), and the program was wigging out. Finally settled it. Hopefullly no more "Internet! Actually, no internet! Can have! No, can't have!" crap.

Two: It occurs to me. Garrus is widely accepted to be one of the friendlier and more social squaddies (at least in ME2), if you can tear him away from his calibrations. Sociable guy who led a team of badasses on Omega, and you can't ask him what he thinks of the squad? I call bullshit.

Three: My aunt has finally taken her damn terrier puppy back. Thank bog. Puppy kept me up from Friday through Sunday with whining and various puppy forms of crying. Loudly. Which is strange, because he's never been so freaked about staying here before. But this visitl, he was acting stressed and whining all night, every night. (I am not the kind of person who can tune out loud yelping noises, or any other sound of animal distress.) Add that to various forms of family drama and I have been ready to go murderously insane.
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I've said this before. I'm sure I'll say this a thousand times. It's never gotten any less true: Jennifer Hale's voice acting outclasses Mark Meer's by a ridiculous amount.

Meer sounds like a dudebro who's about a step away from whining, while Hale actually sounds like a badass, no-nonsense soldier.

Hale's delivery is much more nuanced -- you can actually hear emotion in her voice. Compare Hale's "Two years? I was gone that long?" to Meer's, or the "I left a friend to die that day, and I didn't do it lightly" speech.

I am not looking forward to spending thirty hours with my maleShep. I'm really not. But I want an Ashley romance for ME3 and I haven't played a soldier yet.
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"I read about what happened on Mindoir. Alliance really screwed the pooch on that one. Should've had a bigger garrison."

Aysun is caught between agreeing and being like FUCK YOU, WILLIAMS. Sure, the Alliance fucked up and everyone she knew got boned -- but for Aysun, the issue is not the Alliance's mistakes, but what the batarians did.

And for that matter, is there any specific reason Mindoir would have had a bigger garrison? Sure, it's in the Attican Traverse -- but so was Eden Prime, and by the sound of it, EP was strategically more important. Would a bigger garrison definitely have helped -- or would that have just been more people ded of batarian slavers?

Why no, I'm not automatically assuming that Ashley is wrong about everything because she's racist and obnoxious, why do you ask?
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I think I've forgotten how to write heterosexual sex.

Penises in my porn? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?
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(7:14:38 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: God. I hope whoever is asking all these stupid questions in the wiki answers is trolling.
(7:15:17 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: "Who is the dumbest turian?" There is only one answer there.
(7:15:23 PM) [personal profile] nagia: /grins
(7:15:30 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Councillor Velarn?
(7:15:37 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: He has dismissed those claims.
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Mordin patched Genophage 1.24 to 1.37, patch notes are as follows, more junk DNA per unit, 6 seconds for Krogan to ready their charges, down from 9, and Bonk! can can now be refilled with ammo crates.

--TVT Headscratchers/Just Bugs Me, "Mordin's History"
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So, I've now beaten ME1 once, ME2 twice (once with a non-imported save, once with an imported save). Just beat Arrival, and let me just say: hoo boy. Holy crap, man.

Apparently, Yazmeen will gladly stand trial for that one, once her mission is done.

Also: romance with Garrus is hilarious and adorable and awkward and I love it.
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(3:42:20 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Son of a bitch
(3:42:30 PM) [personal profile] nagia: There is no way not to get Kaidan interested
(3:45:30 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Yeah, I saw that on the wiki.
(3:45:43 PM) [personal profile] nagia: /irritation
(3:46:18 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Don't want a romance with Kaidan. Kaidan's cute, but. GARRUS OR BUST.
(3:47:03 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: *grins*
(3:47:13 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: BUT KAIDAN LOOOOOVES YOU
(3:47:21 PM) [personal profile] nagia: <3 <3
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My very first playthrough of ME2 -- as Jenny Shepard -- is now complete.

My legs feel like jelly, but I kicked the crap out of the final boss on my first attempt.

Also, Jenny wound up being way into the Paragade. I'd have to check, but I think she had easily 100 points in Renegade by the end of the game, despite her nearly-maxed Paragon bar.

Also: Jennifer Hale rocks my damn socks so much. That woman.

I don't like to hold with the idea that either of the Shepards has any personality apart from what you give him/her, but Jennifer Hale really tests my resolution to abstain from 'THIS PERSONALITY IS SO CANON.' She manages to make Paragon sound... well... pretty damned badass. Jennifer Hale's voice has attitude.
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So I've been playing Mass Effect 2 pretty much nonstop for about a week. I've got two Shepards, both female because femShep's voice actor impresses far more than dudeShep's VA. (Also, I am not going to spend sixty hours listening to Jethann. NO.)

I've finally hit the Suicide Mission, right on time like I should have except oh god I don't have the Cain and I'm so nervous that I'm sick to my stomach. I know exactly what's at stake with all these choices that I'm making.

So far, I've been lucky enough to avoid anybody dying on me, but I'm in the homestretch (Commander's Advance + Hold The Line) and how do I decide and /bites nails forever. /also possibly throws up out of sheer stark raving terror.

I don't want to fight wave after wave of Husks!


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