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I swear the DA2 crew are worse than Aoshi when it comes to music ninjaing. I listen to a song, look up, and they're carrying it off. (Yuffie approves, though, because these are music ninjas who will at least dance. Unlike Aoshi.)

Fenris needs to get the hell out of that corner with the bottle of Agreggio and "Go Insane." PUT IT DOWN, ELF.

Oh god why do I always write about the gross things in Thedas, like the Arl's corpse larders during the Village Under Siege Quest, or the bodies curled up with their faces in their own vomit during Blackpowder Courtesy?
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(4:27:14 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: "YOU ARE KIND AND BEAUTIFUL ♥ ♥"
(4:27:26 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: "BUT NO! I WILL BREAK YOUR HEART! ♥ ♥"
(4:27:43 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: ........................
(4:27:55 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Crazy Chuck learned all he knows about romance from Twilight.

(5:31:46 PM) [personal profile] nagia: True, true. Adam never ever pings people as the big brother who says, "Oh, you think that locket's pretty?" and then three days later mysteriously has an identical locket.
(5:31:52 PM) [personal profile] nagia: "It's not the same one, but it looks pretty close, right?"
(5:32:41 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Even though he uh. Very much is.
(5:32:53 PM) [personal profile] nagia: (He's a sweet boy! Until he kills people at the drop of a hat so Bethany can jack their shit.)
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One: Jefferson Starship's We Built This City is so the friendship theme for Hawke and Varric. Any Hawke. (Especially a purple option/HumorHawke.)


(5:40:38 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: He is derptastic.
(5:40:58 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: From this day forward it is no longer Dragon Age 2.
(5:41:02 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: It is Derp Age.
(5:41:07 PM) [personal profile] nagia: <3 <3 YES.
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(4:21:52 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: That's another problem I have with this game.
(4:22:13 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: You get through maybe half the first act and you're like OKAY I DON'T WANT TO SEE ONE MORE TRASH MOB EVER
(4:22:21 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: EVER, YOU FUCKERS AT BIOWARE
(4:24:00 PM) [personal profile] nagia: <3 <3 <3
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I... I just got ninja rivalmanced by Merrill on my Adder re-roll. How the fuck did this happen? One flirt (because all the other options were just... no), one joke, and they're in bed? Seriously? AUUUUUGH.

Really, if this is the "canonical" RP runthrough, Adder has the shittiest Act 2 closer ever. I mean, Fenris and his whole "I can't. I can't!" thing. And Merrill freaking out over Adder's decision re: her Act 2 quest. The gory end of Varric's Act 2 quest. Then the ninja rivalmance with Merrill and breaking her heart. Then "All That Remains." Then "Night Terrors," which doesn't go well. Then "Following the Qun", which probably isn't going to go well either.

Woohoo, broken Champion.

I really probably should give all of Act 2 a full-sized fic, someday. I've even got the perfect title.
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HAWKE: So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?
ORSINO: If that's what you intend, perhaps I'll join you after all...

What. What.
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There's a quote from A Song for Arbonne, by Guy Gavriel Kay, that really describes how I feel about DA2: "You took him for all that he was, which was not inconsiderable, and tried not to lament how much more he could have been."

On its own, with very little connection the DA universe, DA2 is pretty good. The dialogue wheel actually works, I like the gameplay, I don't mind the storyline. Also, I love that now you actually do have something like a family resemblance, since your relatives will change their appearances based on which preset you go for and will match your skin tone. (I suspect that if a toolset is ever released, this will make things very interesting for cosmetic mods.)

Just a few things. For one, that is not Anders. ([personal profile] leviathanmirror and I have decided that he is actually Anders's eerily similar-looking crazy cousin Chuck, who decided to borrow Anders's identity and spirit biffle. And bitch about not being able to have Anders's cat. So if I mention Crazy Chuck, that's who I'm talking about. The crazy hobo impersonating Anders.)

For another, it'd be nice if Fenris would, you know, learn. Maybe a litle. Just a teensy bit. He has a dialogue in which he approves of Hawke or Bethany, but it'd be nice for him to someday say, "Okay, so maybe not EVERY mage is an evil insane awful person out to hurt everyone around them who should be locked up and stuck with hot pokers."

For a third, dear god I hate the redesigns. The dwarves (except Varric, who is just that awesome) all look terrifying. The Qunari look like Orgres. The elves just look like ass (except Fenris and Merrill, who somehow manage to rock the look). And Sandal has become fucking creepy. He was a little unnerving in DAO, but dear god he makes me want to run away screaming.

Also, Cone Of Cold has been turned from a near-game-breaking crowd control spell of awesome... into an incredibly cool-looking and incredibly useless spell of suckitude. On the other hand, now I have Gravitic Ring, Fist of the Maker, and Telekinetic Burst. Suck on that, boss battles!
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Well, "Nobility Has Another Meaning" just became unreadable (until they revise). There are no night elves in the DAO universe. Warcraft references in my DAO reading are just too irritating.
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(08:43:13 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: And what has been thought cannot be unthought.
(08:44:51 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: I suppose we can successfully say that Qunari are sexually repressed.
(08:45:01 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Maybe that's why they want to conquer everything.
(08:45:40 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Oh god
(08:45:45 PM) [personal profile] nagia: WHAT HAS THOUGHT CANNOT BE UNTHOUGHT
(08:46:02 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: ...So Seheron is where tentacle porn comes from, right?
(08:46:44 PM) [personal profile] nagia: oh my god
(08:46:53 PM) [personal profile] nagia: CANNOT BE UNTHOUGHT

Yes, yes, we know. Still, it had to be said. ALSO: WHAT HAS BEEN THOUGHT CANNOT BE UNTHOUGHT OH GOD.
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(12:07:53 AM) [personal profile] nagia: GOOD IDEA/BAD IDEA, [personal profile] leviathanmirror
(12:08:01 AM) [personal profile] nagia: I am leaning toward 'bad idea,' personally
(12:08:16 AM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Bad idea.
(12:08:26 AM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Especially for the ones strung out on lyrium.
(12:08:38 AM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: (But do they wield the Maker's golden cutlery?)
(12:08:54 AM) [personal profile] nagia: (Only in their lyrium dreams)
(12:09:19 AM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: *grins*
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(06:20:12 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Dude I just realized
(06:20:29 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Supposedly THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!! Mage Warden
(06:20:54 PM) [personal profile] nagia: How/Why does Duncan swing recruiting two?
(06:21:11 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Desperation.
(06:21:28 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: He goes BLIGHTBLIGHTBLIGHT
(06:21:33 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Until Greg shuts up.
(06:21:41 PM) [personal profile] nagia: oh god
(06:21:59 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Now I am imagining this, like, robo-Duncan puttering around
(06:22:13 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Only his engine goes BLIGHTBLIGHTBLIGHT rather than like PUTPUTPUT
(06:22:22 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Oh. And it's chibi.

(06:30:54 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: I can only imagine the force of Duncan's STOP KILLING MY RESOURCES rage.
(06:31:07 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: He must be going 'oh god, you all deserve to die' internally.
(06:31:10 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Like. All the time.
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And I have mixed feelings about it. I really, really love the characters -- Nathaniel, Anders, and Sigrun are all hilarious, and I adore them to bits, and I enjoy figuring out how they'd interact with the DA:O companions. (In my headcanon, Zevran and Anders need to be kept apart, because together they either get into snide catfights or drive everyone around them insane through the power of concentrated hilarity.) The story line, on the other hand, I love a lot less -- and I don't like the endings at all.

I had an entire rant about why I hated Sens's ending because it totally doesn't feel like her and blah blah blah... but I don't feel that it's really pertinent. Point is: adored the characters, hated the story line, hated the endings even more, and damn you, Bioware, I want Varel to be alive.
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I did every fucking Vigil's Keep sidequest. Every single one. I earned the fucking Enduring Vigil achievement.

And what is my reward? Why, you still kill Varel? NOT. FUCKING. OKAY.

Why does this fucking series always kill my preferred NPCs?

I am most displeased with you, and I have now startled my dogs while shouting at my television, so I imagine they're displeased with you, too.



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