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Words cannot encompass my hatred for my mother's laptop.

It has managed to get Writemonkey to eat one of the few portions of Soldier's Daughter I've ever tried to put to paper. Writemonkey has never ever eaten a draft of a story ever.

Rest in peace, "(she has a secret, and the secret is her name)". Thou willt be much mourned.

Instead, have something significantly longer and more depressing.

(she played cards with a devil who laughed), Yazmeen Shepard, 704 words )

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Quick notes: So far I've decided that this chapter needs to be non-chronological, since the bulk of the narrative is actually Misao telling Aoshi, and it doesn't feel right for her to talk about it in order. Bits of it are incomplete, and I'm not 100% sure I've got it all in the right order.

Warnings: sexual assault of a minor, violence, misogynistic attitudes (some period-appropriate, some unique).

three: but where at last the sea's line is the sky's )

WARNING misogynistic attitudes ahoy )

feel free to check my violence )
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(06:07:10 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Well, now I have a name for the bastard.
(06:07:23 PM) [personal profile] nagia: Tadashi.
(06:07:53 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: What's it mean?
(06:08:50 PM) [personal profile] nagia: "loyal"/"true"
(06:09:05 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: *amused*
(06:10:17 PM) [personal profile] nagia: ?
(06:15:51 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Just seems like an odd name for him.
(06:19:08 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Although I suppose most parents don't name their kids "Rapey McRaperson."

Context, for the weak:

I've been re-reading a lot of Western Ink's RK fic, because I've been wobbly emotionally and clearly Aoshi/Misao is the delicious pie to make me less wobbly, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

All but two fics of hers have an Aoshi who is squicktastic (one's a silly piece of fluff with a faintly unnerving ownership undercurrent I choose to ignore; the other leaves Aoshi in crazypants mode and just extrapolates on possible WRONGWRONGWRONG scenarios from there -- so it's deliberate). In one of the fucked-up squicky fics, Aoshi apparently has not thought of Misao "bodily" until she mentioned scars, and did not think of Misao sexually until she mentioned a scar on the inside of her thigh. Which she later confessed she'd received in an attempted rape.

Does this disturb you yet? No?

It gets better: it's only after Misao has revealed that she was attacked and almost forcibly penetrated that Aoshi begins to think of her as available. Now that she's, direct quote from the fic, "stained."

Say it with me: "WHAT."

From a fandom perspective: Let's go into all of the ways this idea is fail: 1. STAINED IS JUST FAIL, 2. AOSHI WOULD KNOW THAT BECAUSE 3. HE'S THE LEADER OF A NINJA GROUP THAT 4. CONTAINS WOMEN. The odds of him NOT knowing a woman who had been assaulted (never mind men who had been assaulted, never mind the fairly high probability he's been assaulted himself) is staggeringly LOW.

Okay, fine, if that's just the way the character thinks and he has Meiji Restoration morals, then I expect the author to hint at this. There needs to be some kind of dividing line between author/narrator. I don't want to see this character think something so reprehensible, and then get everything he wants or asks for, get to force a marriage to a younger female character he's only recently decided was available, and... consequence free.


So I've been writing a what-could-have-been. Not just a faintly new spin on canon, but a "where 'Daughter Figure,' could have gone." Sort of a cross between a remix and a response fic, I guess.

More AIM logs of hilarity:

(following a discussion of what might happen if Misao were turned into an actual weasel:)

(10:10:34 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: Okina would be forced to insist that Aoshi marry Misao.
(10:10:52 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: His behavior was totally inappropriate for a man and unmarried weasel.
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This is what you get when you combine that "one sentence from your WIPs" meme with open letters to your fics.

Dear "These Graces That Hold Me":

Please stop being so difficult to write. Also, please stop throwing Fang's verbal mannerisms into my everyday speech, thanks.

"There has to be a way," she says while the very beginnings of a plan spool together in her head, tightening tiny knots in the loose, unravelled mass of threads that her mind has become.

Dear "Gifts and Treasures":

Something needs to happen, damn you!

For all that this crumbling castle was brand new, was potentially lethal territory, following Yuffie was exquisitely familiar.

Dear "First My Left Foot":

An actual plot--or at least a few more specifics on the conflicts--would be nice. So would a first line.

For an instant Lightning entertained that idea that if she'd known this was what Fang and Vanille had meant by, "Wake up," she'd have stayed asleep.

Dear "Hollow Hearts":

Please, please, for the love of the Watergod, PLEASE decide whether you're an angsty examination of moving on/nightmares, or whether you're a moody (but snappily witty) exploration of nightmares, growing up, and friendhsips that become something up.

Vincent's 'do something about this' expression turned sour like vinegar, morphed from mild disapproval into full-blown 'You are a bad influence on children, I KNEW it.'
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Totally random question that in no way relates to an in-development FFXIII epic: after cut for spoilers )

In other news: my dad is an asshole, my mom is stressing me out, and Gifts&Treasures isn't coming together.

Also, I should proooobably get off this damn Yuffie/Shalua kick.

Another question: since Oerba was apparently a communal society, would it have marriage in the modern sense (jointly owned property, usually joint finances, tax breaks)? I'm sure there were life partnerships and child-rearing unions, since they're kind of unavoidable if you want your humans not to read as totally alien, but would the word "marriage" or "husband" or "wife" been tossed around?

Also, the universe keeps giving me the best presents. I turned twenty, it gave me TDK; I turned twenty-one, it gave me a job; I turn twenty-two, it gives me insurance AND a movie directed by Chris Nolan and starring Ellen Paige. Clearly, the week of the seventeenth is when the magic happens.
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Things That Help Katie Write
- The lights off
- Mood-appropriate music on (one of these days, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and make a "songs to control minds to" playlist)
- Coffee, tea, or Mountain Dew/Vault
- Oddly enough, eggnog

Things That Do NOT Help Katie Write
- Worrying about whether she will die in the hideously hideous rental car of ugliness
- Access to the Internet
- Metaquotes
- Lack of something to drink
- Inability to settle on WHAT she wr


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