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Sweet Ashura singing, if I never have another week like this one in my life, it will be too soon.
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Quick notes: So far I've decided that this chapter needs to be non-chronological, since the bulk of the narrative is actually Misao telling Aoshi, and it doesn't feel right for her to talk about it in order. Bits of it are incomplete, and I'm not 100% sure I've got it all in the right order.

Warnings: sexual assault of a minor, violence, misogynistic attitudes (some period-appropriate, some unique).

three: but where at last the sea's line is the sky's )

WARNING misogynistic attitudes ahoy )

feel free to check my violence )
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This is what you get when you combine that "one sentence from your WIPs" meme with open letters to your fics.

Dear "These Graces That Hold Me":

Please stop being so difficult to write. Also, please stop throwing Fang's verbal mannerisms into my everyday speech, thanks.

"There has to be a way," she says while the very beginnings of a plan spool together in her head, tightening tiny knots in the loose, unravelled mass of threads that her mind has become.

Dear "Gifts and Treasures":

Something needs to happen, damn you!

For all that this crumbling castle was brand new, was potentially lethal territory, following Yuffie was exquisitely familiar.

Dear "First My Left Foot":

An actual plot--or at least a few more specifics on the conflicts--would be nice. So would a first line.

For an instant Lightning entertained that idea that if she'd known this was what Fang and Vanille had meant by, "Wake up," she'd have stayed asleep.

Dear "Hollow Hearts":

Please, please, for the love of the Watergod, PLEASE decide whether you're an angsty examination of moving on/nightmares, or whether you're a moody (but snappily witty) exploration of nightmares, growing up, and friendhsips that become something up.

Vincent's 'do something about this' expression turned sour like vinegar, morphed from mild disapproval into full-blown 'You are a bad influence on children, I KNEW it.'
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Dear inspiration,

No, no, no, and no. Also: no. Seriously. I just kicked the two-plus year "angsty/tragic/apocalyptic romance" habit. We are not boarding this train again, and absolutely not with an additional female/female couple.

Okay, yes, canon dictates that any Fang/Vanille will always be bittersweet. But "bittersweet" != "rip your heart out and stomp on it with pretentious disjointed segment fic." That particular shade of destructo romance belongs to Yuffie/Shalua, and now that I've completed "Some Torture of the Heart," Yuffie/Shalua destructromance is old news.

Got it? Good. Now wipe that gDoc and try again, perhaps with an opening line that is NOT devoted to the game ending.

That will be all.
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So, I had a really fantastic and productive day in every respect but the two I enjoy most: gaming and writing.  I'm in chapter twelve of FFXIII, working on the second Proudclad encounter (which is the devil I swear, Goku Monkey Christ I hate that thing).  I should be grinding my way back toward kicking that evil ridiculous cock-gobbling tin can's ass, but instead I cleaned out my mother's truck, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the living room, and then settled down and watched Juno with her.

I should have been, if not writing "Catch Me," then deciding on an idea and outlining for Mega Flare, but I have no decision and the sign ups start in three hours.

I believe the technical term for moments like this is, "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit."

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This is not my month. As if things weren't bad enough, I cut my left pinkie open tonight. Very, very bad cut. As in “eight stitches“ bad. A hair longer or deeper, and I would have lost the finger. I cut almost all the way around the finger.

As it is, I bled pretty horribly. I mean I soaked through the gauze, the paper barrier, dribbled a lake onto the plastic sub-barrier, and got both the NP's and her student's labcoats. When they finished, my palm was covered in blood.

Oh, and the worst of it? I'm left handed.
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If you love me, you won't let me write a crossover of Assassin's Creed and post-4 Die Hard. Especially since I should be writing "A Recounting of the Damage Done," for femmefest, "Gifts And Treasures" because I've been avoiding it, and original work, because I need to.

Somebody tell me I am not allowed to open FFXIII's jewel case until I have at least written "A Recounting of the Damage Done."
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So, I've hit the Killer Croc level in Arkham Asylum, have reached the end of the Mikage/Black Rose Duellist arc in Utena, and let me tell you, one of these was more frustrating than the other (though they both have their low points).

Hint: Arkham Asylum stresses me out. Don't get me wrong, I love playing it. I love everything about it, from the way Batman moves to the 99.9% of the voice acting to the script to the gameplay. But being the goddamn Batman is stressful. (On the other hand, Batclaw to the face, suck on that, electro-rod henchmen!)

But the Killer Croc level takes just about everything that could possibly be irritating and/or frightening and throws it all into the blender. From following meters/scanners to completely retarded stealth injunctions (and dear lord the first time Croc lunged out of the water to eat me for lunch I about had a screaming panic attack) to very huge people bursting out of walls and trying to kill you--only to be stopped by Batarangs, no really.

It's so full of "What is this I don't even" that I just. I've had to stop at the checkpoint where I finally have all my fungus (yes, that's right, Batman is wandering around Croc's territory looking for fungus, jesus this game is made of wtf) and am supposed to be on my way back to the lair entrance. But Croc is being such a douchenozzle and I keep getting lost and it's just. Like. STOP DESTROYING MY DAMN WALKWAYS, CROC. ALSO PLEASE QUIT RUNNING AT ME FROM BEHIND BECAUSE I FREAK OUT.

Utena, on the other hand, has been very successful at washing the taste of being the goddamn Batman out of my brain.


Sep. 9th, 2009 11:02 pm
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If you write FFVII Original Game Canon porn, does it have to be true to game mechanics?
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Great Watergod Leviathan,

I picked up sixteen prompts from the IJ porn_battle. Please send help.

Worshipfully yours,



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