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I don't know whether this is an "FML" moments or an "I love my life" moment. It's sure as hell one of those "I will laugh about this later moments."

Except I'm laughing about it now.

Guys, I just spent ten minutes fighting with a key, a deadbolt, and two leashed dogs determined to drag me all over the neighborhood while I tried to get us in the house.

Once I gave up on the front door, I squeezed myself and them through a broken gate into the back yard. Then I wound up squeezing myself into the garage via dog door.

Yes. That's right. I just entered my own home via dog door.

Even better, it was completely unnecessary. Had I stopped to look at my keyring, I would have seen two nearly-identical keys: one silver, one bronze. The silver key opens the external garage door. The bronze one opens the front door.

So I could quite easily have gotten in through an actual door, rather than the dog flaps, had I stopped to think for more than twenty seconds.

You may now point and laugh.
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Texbook irony: using tool designed to prevent massive fail causes massive fail.

Have learned that GRUB is like Da Hui.
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Well, I'm twenty-two, and have been for twenty-five minutes. Don't feel any different from twenty-one, except maybe a bit more exasperated.

I don't think my mother understands just how not important this day is to me. It's a minor oddity, like a "Huh, I never expected to live this long." Honestly, the fact that it's 17 July is far, far outweighed by the fact that it's a Saturday. (I know I say I never expected to live this long every year, but that's because it's true. It's especially true this year, considering who I was in May.)
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So, I had a really fantastic and productive day in every respect but the two I enjoy most: gaming and writing.  I'm in chapter twelve of FFXIII, working on the second Proudclad encounter (which is the devil I swear, Goku Monkey Christ I hate that thing).  I should be grinding my way back toward kicking that evil ridiculous cock-gobbling tin can's ass, but instead I cleaned out my mother's truck, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the living room, and then settled down and watched Juno with her.

I should have been, if not writing "Catch Me," then deciding on an idea and outlining for Mega Flare, but I have no decision and the sign ups start in three hours.

I believe the technical term for moments like this is, "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit."

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This is not my month. As if things weren't bad enough, I cut my left pinkie open tonight. Very, very bad cut. As in “eight stitches“ bad. A hair longer or deeper, and I would have lost the finger. I cut almost all the way around the finger.

As it is, I bled pretty horribly. I mean I soaked through the gauze, the paper barrier, dribbled a lake onto the plastic sub-barrier, and got both the NP's and her student's labcoats. When they finished, my palm was covered in blood.

Oh, and the worst of it? I'm left handed.
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So, Arizona has gotten even more faily. And you know what? For all that I fucking hate Tennessee, at least we're not Arizona.

The things I would like to do to that state. JFC, people. Is being a decent human being so hard?

In other news, I just mainlined Season One of Criminal Minds and am on the second episode of season two. Right now, I'm loving every single female character in addition to Hotch and Reid.
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Oh Neil Gaiman no!

Seriously, Neil, you are usually so good and on the ball! I get that we're all a bit blind to our S/O's faults, but seriously! A "no comment" might have been a better idea!

Am I going to have to put you on my List with Joss Whedon?

In other news, RPattz is still trying to get fired. I don't even know where to start with this.

So there's been a lot of teal deer talk about this matter. I'm not into shota, chan, loli, or bestiality. I'm also not particularly into m/m slash. Or male characters at all, really.

But this is so much bullshit. more teal deer )

TL;DR: Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it has no right to exist, and censoring pornography without outlawing the entire industry is dumb.
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So, I've hit the Killer Croc level in Arkham Asylum, have reached the end of the Mikage/Black Rose Duellist arc in Utena, and let me tell you, one of these was more frustrating than the other (though they both have their low points).

Hint: Arkham Asylum stresses me out. Don't get me wrong, I love playing it. I love everything about it, from the way Batman moves to the 99.9% of the voice acting to the script to the gameplay. But being the goddamn Batman is stressful. (On the other hand, Batclaw to the face, suck on that, electro-rod henchmen!)

But the Killer Croc level takes just about everything that could possibly be irritating and/or frightening and throws it all into the blender. From following meters/scanners to completely retarded stealth injunctions (and dear lord the first time Croc lunged out of the water to eat me for lunch I about had a screaming panic attack) to very huge people bursting out of walls and trying to kill you--only to be stopped by Batarangs, no really.

It's so full of "What is this I don't even" that I just. I've had to stop at the checkpoint where I finally have all my fungus (yes, that's right, Batman is wandering around Croc's territory looking for fungus, jesus this game is made of wtf) and am supposed to be on my way back to the lair entrance. But Croc is being such a douchenozzle and I keep getting lost and it's just. Like. STOP DESTROYING MY DAMN WALKWAYS, CROC. ALSO PLEASE QUIT RUNNING AT ME FROM BEHIND BECAUSE I FREAK OUT.

Utena, on the other hand, has been very successful at washing the taste of being the goddamn Batman out of my brain.
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And snowed in for twelve of those hours

I am ready to go stir crazy

I think I need a good long cut for keyboard smash )

The power is back on, now, of course. (Otherwise I wouldn't be posting, and you would have heard on the news about that crazy woman in Dayton, TN who, like, walked into a Krystal's and killed everyone with hot grease). I need a bath. And videogames. And hideous gifs. Particularly hideous Twilight-related gifs, because part of me wants to app Alice from Twilight into CnC. (The rest of me wants to app Kika from Suikoden IV. Or Sigurd.)


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