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(5:54:52 PM) [personal profile] nagia: nnngnghn why is bad alcohol the only alcohol in my house.
(5:55:22 PM) [personal profile] leviathanmirror: You drank all the good alcohol?
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  1. Not allowed to ask passerby elves if they believe this society is ordered correctly.
  2. Not allowed to ask passerby elves if they believe this society is ordered at all
  3. Not allowed to ask passerby elves if they want more certainty in their lives.
  4. Not allowed to convert more elves to the Qun without building more ships.
  5. Not allowed to commission ships.
  6. Not allowed to refer to that buffoon of a viscount as "the basrashok".
  7. Not allowed to call the viscount a buffoon, even if the Arishok does it.
  8. The Arishok's chair is not the "Parshaara! I've heard enough of your maraas basri!" chair.
  9. The Arishok's chair is not "the Driftwood Throne".
  10. Sitting on the painted chair is not one of the Arishok's duties.
  11. Karasten is not allowed to tell the lower ranks that it is.
  12. Karasten is not allowed to attempt to trade Gate duty for "Arishok's painted chair duty".
  13. Our duties epitomize our roles. No treating assigned tasks as currency when "gambling".
  14. No gambling.
  15. No shouting "You seek to steal my role!" at a Karashok assigned Gate duty.
  16. No shouting "You seek to steal my role!" ever.
  17. No shouting of anything without a reason that will satisfy the Arishok.
  18. No bribing an Ashaad to bring back pastries unless he brings enough for everyone.
  19. No bribing an Ashaad to bring back pastries even if he brings enough for everyone.
  20. No bribing the Ashaad. With anything. For anything.
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Took me long enough, but I sat down and watched everything from "The Revelation" today. I'm finally current.

I swear I could just devour this series. Gobble it up like candy. Bolin's design reminds me of Shuu Rei Fan from Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. His personality only reinforces the connection. Lin Beifong is such an amazing, amazing woman. The relationship between Tenzin and Korra is fantastic, and I really feel for Asami, and Mako is delicious. Korra herself never ceases to amaze me. I could fangirl her forever.

I think I've found something to help tide me over until I get more Game of Thrones.
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So apparently waiting to do my year in review meme is becoming a thing for me. Six months into 2012, I may finally have some perspective on 2011.

2010 in review

not exactly a banner year )
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So. Bartending in the dark? Bad idea. I fucked my proportions all to hell.

That is all, ladies and gentlemen.
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Yes, that is implying that if Sportsmaster hadn't interfered with her flirtation with Red Arrow, she might not have left him up to his neck in insta-quicksand-mud.

Actually, she probably would have. But maybe, if he'd kept his damn mind control triggers to himself and not fucking MC'd a boyfriend for her so she'd have a reason to stick around his operation, she maybe would have hesitated before leaving. Maybe.

Dear Self

Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:29 pm
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Yeah, no.

You don't want to write the one where Kit makes her first combat kill.

Or at least you want to wait until you have a better feel for character voices.
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I am not really into "open"/ongoing fandoms. So why am I following Young Justice (animated), The Legend of Korra, Thundercats 2011, and Game of Thrones?

Besides the incredibly badass female characters. (Artemis Crock is SO BOSS I cannot even. Korra just makes me want to jump up and down. I have been seal-clapping every time Cheetara opens her mouth - although her interactions with Lion-O leave me uncomfortable, and Tygra, we need to talk about that "another thing he doesn't deserve" crack. And just... Cersei, Cat, Sansa, Arya! Ai yah).

"Ai ya Arya!" needs to be a GoT meme, I swear.

And I should probably point out that the name "Sens" is a variant of "Sansa".
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I am back from Tallahassee. She's up to four stints now, but Mom is on the mend. Hopefully she'll get some rest.


Fifty-eight hours a week. The bosses must want us to collapse.


Why, pray tell, would I want Bioware to shovel MORE shit at me in the name of clarity? Clarified shit just means that you're EXTRA aware it's shit.


Young Justice is eating my brain. Help.


Squall needs to back the hell away from my Starship albums. This is not a drill. I am damn sick of music associations fucking with my work playlist.
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On a break from ME3 because apparently there's a promotion bug and I just do not want to deal with MP right now (also Aysun's from an incomplete ME2 run and I'm kind of just avoiding the Grunt mission because loss of her krogan baby will break her and Kaidan probably won't get that).

So instead I'm working on Dreams Where You Fall (the Humor Hawke DA2 Act II novelization).

My outline for my next chapter?

Adder crawls into bed and only crawls out again for Fenris

The Hanged Man. Aveline is amaaaaazing.



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Excuse me? The Normandy is Shepard's real love? GARRUS IS STANDING RIGHT OVER THERE.

Fuck punching Khalisah (which is uncomfortable anyway, even from an ethnically Berber femShep), I want to punch him. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.
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These last ten minutes weren't as much a waste of my time as the entirety of Dirge of Cerberus.

If you have played Dirge of Cerberus, or know a thing about Squaresoft games, you know exactly what kind of compliment that is.
So, the countdown to ME3 has begun... and my computer is powering down even before it finishes booting. I'll be back when I can, but god knows when I'm going to get this fixed.
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GIRL: Does she believe in aliens?
ME: No. She believes in Jesus.
GIRL: Eh, same thing.
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Usual block problem: I do not know what words come next. Every time I try to add words, they're wrong, and that makes all the other words look wrong.

THIS STORY NO LONGER TASTES GOOD. I almost want to give up on it. (I won't give it up, of course, but it's still making me really mad.)

Also at this point I'm basically biding my time until I go pick up Miss Cookie. She's coming to live with me~
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Someday, someday: a script for an EMC webcomic called "I Should Be Pure By Now."

Today: probably not much at all.
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Adderall shortage continues unabated. I may be ready to kill somebody. Or take apart my oven to stop the government watching me. It's kind of a toss-up.

Also, it's damned good to finally have a safe space for my brother to come to and get the hell away from my father. It's just as rough being the favored child as it is the failure; for one, he needs to control the favored child more. I'd never considered that, but now I'm seeing it in action.

Sage isn't immune to the constant seething tension, the sensation that somewhere under the surface his father is ramping up toward something terrible. I find I don't envy him for being the golden child anymore. Now I'm just afraid for him, because people aren't built for pedestals, and I honestly cannot say what Dad will do if Sage ever gets brought down to less than perfect.
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I have internet again. Words cannot even begin to describe how happy this makes me. I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN.

Finally, this house might become a home.


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