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YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE LEXCORP JETPACKS ([personal profile] nagia) wrote2009-05-07 03:43 pm

On Friending, Grammar, Oh John Ringo No and Oh Mark Knopfler Yes.


I am friend free. You want to give me access or subscribe? Go right ahead. If I think you're interesting or that we share interests or, I dunno, if it's the third Tuesday of the month and the sky has miraculously turned green, I will return the favor.


My actual policy is over here. In summary, REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN.


Translation? I am:

  • a lot of your daily serving* of Final Fantasy-related elitism
  • almost ALL of your daily serving of FFVII Compilation hate
  • a little more than your daily serving of hatred for FFVII fics by people who haven't played the original game
  • a healthy chunk of your sarcasm allowance for a given day
  • exactly your daily serving of dude-hatred; you probably won't need to go looking for more after you click my feminism tags
  • absolutely NONE of your daily serving of m/m slash, as I don't often read, write, or talk about it.
  • a respectable chunk of your daily dose of f/f slash, though you may put my personal journal aside unsatisfied if you don't supplement it with my writing journal
  • a quarter of your daily dose of militant feminism

* Where daily value == amount the average nerd can tolerate from one person on a given day.

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