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The Ten Creepiest Songs I Own

10) Children of the Monkey Machine - Eyes On Me (Obsession Mix)
Turning what was a love song into an obssessional, stalkerish story of psychosis. Enjoy!

9) Yuki Kajiura - Fear
Effed up nursery tunes, weird creaking noises... awesome.

8) Zyko - Akumu no Hajimari: Of Transformants And Brevity
A remix of Vincent's theme from Final Fantasy VII. Listen closely to the voices in the background.

7) Lords of Acid - Out Comes The Evil
Yeah, more effed up nursery rhymes. Woot.

6) Kamelot - March of Mephisto
Something about the dystopic sound and guttural voice freak me. YMMV.

5) Children of the Monkey Machine - Static Aversion
The Silent Hill main theme remixed by the King of Creep. Complete with radio static for sudden jump scare action!

4) Poe - House of Leaves
This comes from a companion album to House of Leaves. If the song itself doesn't creep you, the association just might.

3) Mustin - Haunted Hell
A creepified Mario classic.

2) Edmund Lyndeck - Johanna
Background: this is from the Sweeney Todd OBC album, sung by Judge Turpin of his fifteen year old ward. Too creepy even for Sweeney fans -- most productions omit it.

1) Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The Dead Flag Blues
Hahahahaaha just listen to this the whole way through, skipping nothing. It's like Explosions In The Sky read too much Baudelaire and Swinburne and then had the worst LSD trip ever. All of which they are beaming directly into your brain via your ears!

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